Time to slow down

Time to slow down

Do you sometimes wonder, what sort of life are you living if you are always rushing

and feeling stressed?Time to slow down - Elderflower

The world’s fastest nations are also the fattest and most stressed. So how can being in this state permanently be good for us? Stop and think for a moment about the stressful lives we all seem to live. Never stopping, never time to pause and think, to look around at and to appreciate the wonderful things in life, almost all of which are completely free.

Going faster and faster usually ends up in non-achievement. By going slower, you can actually achieve and achieve with quality. Speed generates quantity, slowing down produces quality. Speed and stress in our modern times can become an addiction, an addiction which does not serve us. Keep empty space in your diary, to allow things to just happen. Take your watch off, prioritise what and who is REALLY important in life and make inroads to changing your lifestyle. Make the time to take action and to do something positive to demonstrate and express what you really want from life.

Remember, life is not a rehearsal! Do it now (and I mean now) or lose the opportunity forever.

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