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A Sample of Testimonials From Decider Skills Course Participants during 2022

Seeing role plays in action by Facilitators – most useful…really enjoyed the course
Assistant Psychologist, HSE, December 2022, Sligo

The role plays of each skill really help to establish the skill
CAMHS NCHD, December 2022, Sligo

Overall an excellent course, …useful examples from practice…. really recommend to colleagues
CNS, Mental Health Services, HSE Midlands, November 2022

It was so interesting and different to any course I have attended, I will definitely have a lot to take
away from it
Garda Sergeant, December 2022, Sligo

Practical, useful, specific purpose and ideal for so many clients, …highly memorable
Crisis Outreach Nurse, HSE, December, 2022, Limerick

Very well laid out and paced course,…Enjoyed roleplays by facilitators…relevant for use in practice
Occupational Therapist, HSE December 2022, Limerick

The skills learnt were practical, adaptable and useful for client work. The facilitators were engaging,
warm and fun. The content was relateable and can be used with clients at different levels and with
different learning needs. excellent
CMHN, HSE, Sligo, November 2022

All was very accessible and practical, great to have a package to use, good tools and skills
Staff Nurse, HSE Mental Heath Services Day Hospital November 2022, Donegal

The props and the fun the facilitators had doing it. Initially I didn’t realise what they were trying to
achieve but I actually remember more from this course as I remember props etc so it’s so visual and
helpful…. Just never sack these 2 ladies, They are fantastic. They educated us with such a simplistic
way of teaching others and I learned a lot from their delivery. I felt it may have worked better face to
face initially but actually enjoyed it through zoom
CNS, Addictions, HSE,Community Mental Health Team, November 2022
Excellent skills taught in a very down to earth way… Excellent energy and engagement/commitment
from presenters…Presenters sharing real life examples of the skills being used was very helpful
CPC, HSE Mental Heath Services, Dublin, October 2022

Excellent handbook which will act as a very useful reference guide. Facilitators
were very engaging and gave good practical examples throughout.
Social Worker, Zoom Course, March 2022

Gina & Margaret were fantastic facilitators very much kept me focused I really
enjoyed their enthusiasm
Family Support Worker, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland, ,Zoom Course, March 2022

The section on Values really resonated with me; and is something I intend to spend time focussing on
with clients; but will also use it myself to apply during times of stress/difficulty; and intend bringing it
to a peer-support group too; as I think it will be of huge benefit to re-evaluate team and personal
work goals. The Fact or Opinion exercise with the chair was really useful, and the 2 examples
provided from professional & personal experiences was also really helpful. I’ve done a similar exercise
in the past where people had to identify specific statements as fact or opinion but using the object
was much more effective and interactive. Sieve or Sponge exercise also really effective; and I have a
client in mind to try this with when we next meet. Build Positive Experiences marble jar also really
good. The tips from participants and facilitators during the course of the few days were also really
helpful – such as the link to the HSE Sleep Programme; TherapistAid.co; Planet Youth website; and
the book recommendations such as the Map of Consciousness.
Social Worker, HSE Adult Mental Health Services, Zoom Course, February 2022

Excellent course delivered very well by the ladies. It can be used in work and at

home. Role playing was used brilliantly, very engaging.
CMHN, HSE Mental Health Services, Zoom Course February 2022

Clear demonstration of the required skills from the facilitators.
Senior Registrar , HSE Mental Health Services, Zoom Course February 2022

Definitely the mix of presentation styles was helpful for embedding ideas and
grasping the concept… I’ve moved from child protection (Tusla) to HSE (primary care) since
Christmas, and I’ve just realised that I got so “tunnel vision” with parent clients
in Tusla – I definitely used some of the skill philosophies when cheerleading
them, and trying to motivate them to bring some positive change into their lives
but now I know this is an actual course/skillbase, I am very much looking
forward to introducing my new primary care clients to these skills in a more
structured way, using the books and resources.
Primary Care Social Worker, Zoom Course February 2022

Testimonials From Decider Skills Course Participants during 2021

It’s all valuable especially when associations are made to particular patients. What works when. The ladies were fab and they made it a fun learning experience, you could feel the importance of these skills to them and how invested they were to show the skill value especially within the role plays. They deserve good stars/Oscar

(Senior Enhanced Psychiatric Nurse, Dublin, Decider Skills Course, Live Zoom 10 &11 November ’21)

Both Facilitators had great communication and teaching skills.

(CNS, Cavan Monaghan MHS, Decider Skills Course, Live Zoom 15 &16 /11/21)

Interventions being user friendly yet appear very effective. The two ladies were fantastic, really informative and interactive. This was a very powerful and useful course, for both our own personal lives but also enhancing my nursing practice.

(Mental Health Nurse, Dublin, Decider Skills Course, Live Zoom 10 &11/ 11 /21)

Over all a great course…Participant Input and Role Play examples of teaching and skills development…most useful

(Teacher, Carrick on Shannon, Decider Life Skills Course, delivered onsite,19/11/21)

Having access to hard copies of manual and handbook as skills are being explained…most useful…Would be an excellent programme for teacher training college so all teachers would be aware of the importance of these skills

(Primary School Teacher, Carrick 0n Shannon Decider Life Skills Course, delivered onsite,19/11/21)

The Delivery was very child friendly and gave me great insight into the energy and fun required to deliver this programme

(SCP project worker, Decider Life Skills Course, Live Zoom, 20/10/21)

All the materials I can use for both primary and secondary Schools

(SCP project worker, Decider Life Skills Course, Live Zoom, 20/10/21)

Role play- fun aspect, practise… facilitators role play was really excellent

(CNM, St Patricks Hospital. Dublin, Decider Skills course- delivered  onsite, 9 &10/09/21)

Decider as aspect to intervention- reference to need for more intensive deeper therapy for clients alongside Decider I think was very good…positive attitude of presenters….links to other best practice, as well as books, reading and website useful. Booklet and handouts to be used with clients useful

(Speech and Language Therapist, Galway CAMHS, Decider Skills, Live Zoom,11 &12/02/21)

As I work with a lot of patients with impulsive and self harm behaviours, I feel I will be able to use most of the skills…which I am really excited about trying out…I feel more empowered to try out more effective  practical strategies and hopefully over time, I will be able to empower patients on the ward.

(Service Co-ordinator, Acute Mental Health Unit, Dublin, Live Zoom Course 29 &30 /04/21)

“I had heard great things about the Decider Skills Programme. Looking forward to putting it into practice with groups and individuals.” (The Decider Workshop, Navan, Oct 2017)

“The practicality of the content which can be used in many different contexts. The facilitators were excellent. The role plays were practical and hugely entertaining.” (The Decider Workshop, Navan, Oct 2017)

“The distress tolerance skills are excellent and I have used them myself after day one of the course. it was very interactive and fun which I did not expect.”(The Decider Workshop, Navan, Oct 2017)

“I gained a huge amount from the skills training because Gina and Margaret were highly competent and professional teachers and delivered the course with fun and enthusiasm. They were very well informed but also approachable. Many thanks to them and to the creators of the Decider Skills course” (The Decider Workshop, 2016)

“A dynamic engaging two days. Not only a brilliant resource to take forward into clinical practice and personal use, but also a warm entertaining fun training. The facilitators conveyed their belief in the skills and had a terrific connection with each other which made the training really enjoyable. Thanks so much, S.L.” (The Decider Workshop, 2016)

“It was absolutely fabulous, the most exciting presentation delivered by highly skilled and experienced professionals. You both made the 2 day workshop the most enjoyable and interesting training ever. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the training. Thank you so much, I must say this experience will stay with me for a very long, long time. A very BIG THANK YOU!!” (The Decider Workshop, 2016)

Atlantic Wash on testmonials

“One of the most important courses I have ever taken, it helped me to cope with a very challenging time in my life
MBSR 2015    

Enthralling evening, very informative and interesting

Mary, information evenings 2015

A safe nurturing environment that was created

Mindfulness skills training day – HSE staff 2015

Wonderful evening so professional and informative

Teresa, information evenings 2015

“Informative and interesting, looking forward to the follow-up days”

Man in forest

Ann, Team Building course 2015  

Such an enjoyable evening I felt you all had great knowledge and shared freely.

Declan, information evenings 2015

I am so interested in learning more about herbs,

John, information evenings 2015

“Really enjoyed the day. Learnt lots of skills that will help me in both work and home”

Mindfulness skills training day – HSE staff 2015

I felt very safe and knew you all had a genuine passionate belief in what you were delivering.

Nora, information evenings 2015

“Course was enjoyable and I certainly felt the benefit of it”

Amy, MBSR course 2014

Course was enjoyable and I certainly felt the benefit of it

Amy, MBSR course 2014

Found the letting go, very powerful, keep up good work,

Alisea, MBSR course 2014

Wonderful course, thank you,

Anonymous, MBSR course 2014

I could listen to you all day Gina,

Marie, MBSR course 2014

Felt that Gina and Margaret gave a lot of themselves, have a lot of health knowledge and shared personal experiences that enhanced the course

Celine, MBSR course 2014.

“Wonderful course, thank you”,

Anonymous, MBSR course 2014

Felt that Gina and Margaret gave a lot of themselves, they have a lot of health knowledge and shared personal experiences that enhanced the course”

Informative and interesting, relaxed pace.

Ann, Team Building course 2013

Day beneficial to understanding team role, fun and relaxing day,

Collette , Team Building course 2013

I found the Appreciation/Validation sheets very useful in terms of facilitating morale boosting and acknowledgement by team members of personal appreciation to the whole team

Mary , Team Building course 2013

I found the section on Stress and simple everyday management techniques very useful.

Anna, Team Building course 2013

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