Cancellation Policy essential to book place on courses/events/master classes.

 This is a Non-refundable deposit.

Payment options: PayPal online, cheque, postal order or cash.

Full payment for course/event//workshop/master class is required at /before commencement of course.

Once course/event/master class has been commenced fees are non-returnable. However, if ANÚ can facilitate you with rejoining a future course/event/master class, then every effort will be made to facilitate this.

While ANÚ makes every effort to run courses/workshops/master class as advertised, we cannot be held liable for any costs/inconvenience incurred in the event of having to cancel a course/workshop/master class.

The content, speakers and partners in our promotional is meant as a guide only and is subject to change. We also reserve the right to alter the content and/or cancel scheduled courses and change pre-notified training venues.

When a teacher/instructor/or facilitator on courses is unavailable we will endeavour to replace with a teacher /instructor/or facilitator of similar qualifications.

We at all times do our best to adhere to the highest ethical, professional and moral standards in the content and delivery of our courses/website and materials.

ANÚ courses/website material does not intend to replace any medical attention/care that a person may be receiving and advises this at all times.

While ANÚ makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of content of its website/course material at time of print, it cannot be liable for any possible errors in same.

We cannot accept responsibility for participant’s medical condition during or subsequent to the course.

We cannot accept responsibility for loss of or damage to participant’s personal property.

If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy please contact us on: 0867776481



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