How often have you driven your car, or cleaned your house, or spent time with someone and have been unaware of the experience?  For many of us our lives are lived in what is called the automatic pilot mode.  We go through our days not fully aware to what is present in the here and now. We may have little or no awareness of what we are feeling emotionally, what our thoughts are, what bodily sensations we are experiencing, or what actions we are taking. Clover for home page mindfulness

It is said that the average person has up to 70,000 thoughts a day, most of these are made up of repetitions and replaying scenes in our mind. Very often the character of these thoughts are fear based, regrets or longing for the past, fear and anxiety for the future, often with a critical and judgmental biases. The practice of mindfulness brings us back to experiencing life fully in the present moment.

Research has shown that  regular practice of mindfulness will increase happiness, improve vitality and enthusiasm for life and create a more balanced resilient emotional health.

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