The Decider Therapeutic Skills Course (32 Skills)

The Decider Therapeutic Skills Course (32 Skills)

Gina and Margaret  from ANÚ Community Healthcare Ltd.  are the sole authorised trainers for The Decider courses in Ireland.

The Decider skills help people to recognize and manage their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, building resilience and effective coping strategies. This is a solution focused programme, where complex psychological theory has been distilled into highly effective evidenced based skills for everybody.

For use at home, in school, education,  workplace, and in social and healthcare settings.


The Decider Skills are Different:

  • Developed with service users
  • Evidenced based CBT/DBT skills
  • Memorable and easy to use
  • Creative, fun, interactive
  • Affordable training for everyone
  • Access for life to the Decider website for  up to date resources


The aim of the  two day workshop is to equip staff to teach The Decider 32 therapeutic Skills that helps people deal with impulsive behaviours and reduce the impact of emotional distress.

These are effective and evidenced based skills  for adults, young people, and children.

For use in all mental health services, secondary & primary care, prisons, support services, homeless services, community services, primary and secondary schools, and third level education.


This is a two day 32 skills Decider Course for 40 participants.

Requirements for training: A venue and access to refreshments

Each participant will be given the essential Decider manual and lifetime access to the Decider website.

Cost: €8,400 for 40 participants.

Individual applicants cost: €350

This course can also be provided through Zoom.

Contact details:

Gina Reynolds, T: 085 8566244 E: 

Margaret Daly, T: 083 0386170 E: 


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