Stress Management- Building Resilience

 Stress Management- Building Resilience

Stress is a fact of life and is not avoidable but each person can learn to manage stress more

Stress Management- Building Resilience

“In the end, just three things matter:
How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go”
― Jack Kornfield

effectively and become more resilient.

By learning to recognise stress, and what triggers it for each individual leads to greater stress management and reduction in stress related symptoms… Learn how it affects you and how it affects work performance and work relationships. Resilience is your coping ability to deal with challenges, changes, and general stress.

Course Content:

  • Recognise stress and how it affects you in terms of your Mind (thoughts), mood (emotions), behaviour and physical sensations (body).
  • Learn what are your stress triggers
  • Recognise if you are currently using unhealthy ways of managing
  • Instant quick tips/remedies for  dealing with stressful work situations
  • Learn how to use positive coping strategies that helps us to deal with pressure and stress so that we do not become overwhelmed, become unwell, and unable to cope with work.

Key objectives: To help employees understand how to recognise stress, and to use relevant coping skills to limit the impact of any challenges, stressors, triggers, or concerns. Focus is on the workplace and handling concerns or difficult issues, but resilience skills learned are applicable to home and other life situations also.

Duration: Half day

Audience: All employees, who have an experience of stress affecting work, life, health, relationships etc…and want to become more resilient. This course will also assist people who want to support colleagues who become stressed.

Size of Group:  20-30 participants

Course: €500

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