Are you seeking a new way of looking after your health and wellbeing?

ANÚ offers custom made education and training courses and workshops in health and wellness. These courses and workshops are suitable for health care organisations, private corporations, community support organisationssports organisations and schools and colleges.

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“The practice of meditation deeply affects our character. We are slaves to what we do not know; of what we know we are masters.” –Maharaj

ANUs’ Directors/Facilitators have expertise in health and wellness, counselling, management, coaching, mindfulness, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and professional development. By integrating our expertise in health and wellness and lifestyle training, we help and support organisations and individuals become, healthier, balanced, more successful and more productive.

ANÚ will empower you to improve your health and wellbeing, to create a life worth living.

ANÚ recognises the need to change from the current predominantly disease based model to an approach that gives equal emphasis to prevention and treatment.

ANÚ’s aim is to empower and support people to take control of their own health, through the establishment of local, professional health care units.
ANÚ aims to set up courses to train professionals that will deliver these services.

ANÚ’s vision is to help people in creating a life worth living through using ancient wisdom and modern scientific approaches.


Anú Clommunity Healthcare - Create a life worth living

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