Valentine’s Day – Love, kindness & compassion

Valentine’s Day – Love, kindness & compassion

This Valentine’s day, don’t wait to see what love you are going to receive from an external source. Try to look within and be more loving, kind and compassionate to yourself. Crello

We often find it difficult to show compassion for ourselves but no problem showing love and compassion to others. We can feel kindness towards them and a need to ease their suffering. This should be the same for ourselves. We should be able to turn this compassion on ourselves and create space for non-judgement and awareness.


To do this we first need to rid ourselves of the voices that stop us from being compassionate and loving towards ourselves. Our self-talk can be extremely negative. Remember that you are not being selfish or indulgent by showing love and compassion to yourself. You are looking after our health and wellbeing by doing this. Sitting and being aware of our pain for a moment can make all the difference.

Soothing yourself

How would you treat a friend? You might hug them or hold their hand. In the same way you can soothe yourself by placing your hands on top of the area on your body where you feel the pain or discomfort of your feelings. Sit with them until they pass or ease. Speak kindly to yourself, acknowledge how you feel. Try to be mindful and don’t repress the pain. Allow the pain to come in and notice what is happening in the moment without judgement. Just be with the hurt with love, compassion and kindness.


This Valentine’s day why not try out a mindfulness meditation which can teach you how to be more loving and compassionate to yourself and prepare you for life’s ups and downs in the future. Try this one out: 10-Minute Guided Meditation for Self-Compassion.

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