Healthy Living Tips

Mweelrea  on tips and skills

Looking after ourselves

Looking after ourselves We should all take a time out to look after ourselves. This is not an indulgence but a successful way of living longer and with greater health. This is particularly needed if we are going through a period of extra stress or a significant life change or event. The importance of extra […]

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Your Mental Health & Mindfulness

Your mental health and mindfulness Today is World Mental Health Day so I decided I would write about how mindfulness can help with your mental health. You will never feel happy all the time, there will be times in life where you will experience negative or painful emotions because of grief, loss or failure which […]

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Cultivating gratitude for happiness

Gratitude A wonderful skill to cultivate to help make you happy   I sometimes think that the value, importance and role of gratitude in living well has lost out to the modern notion of self-directed living and that we are the masters and creators of our own universe I do not personally think that I […]

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