Simple Easy to Use Stress Management Tools

Simple Easy to Use Stress Management Tools

Immediate remedies

Helicopter view- Count to 10, think, and answer

Don’t take it personally

Awareness- the whole picture and where you are in it

Focus on the person/task in hand

Be organised – even in chaos!

Attend to the most essential – you cant do everything

Diary – it is your friend

Helping/supporting each other

Reflect – how did that work…? can I do it any better…?

Ask for help – if needed… part of team…

Long term support remedies

Being stress aware – Learn to recognises what stress means to you?

Have a friend- confide and be supported

Balance- work, rest and play

Fuel the body- what you eat!

Exercise – research shows endorphin release during a 30 minute brisk

walk/swim/run/set dance increases serotonin levels in you brain, making you happier.

Sleep- essential to mind and body

Threshold- Learn to know when you need help

Practice a relaxation technique in you life- walking, painting, yoga, meditation, music.

Routine- learn good habits- it takes 3 weeks- build health enhancing routine into

your daily life

  • Gratitude- practice it nightly when things are bad!!! weekly when things are good!

Invest in your positive relationships- spend time with those you love and who love

you back!!!

Where you invest your love …. you invest your life”

Mumford and Sons, 2012

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