Mindfulness in a Teacup

Mindfulness in a Teacup

I inherited a lovely china tea-set from  my grandmother, it must be over 100 years old. It is very pretty with hand painted flowers in the most delicate of colours. It is made of porcelain and is a wafer thin and there is a cup and saucer.


When teaching mindfulness, I always bring my teacup with me. It acts as a prop to show people how to create a space in the morning to be totally present to the act of making tea or coffee.

I encourage people to engage all the senses:

  • Sight: colour and shape of cup, how the water changes colour
  • Sound: kettle boiling, water sloshing
  • Smell: tea/coffee
  • Taste: milk/sugar, tea/coffee, light or strong
  • Touch: hold the cup in the palm of your hands, feel the warmth, there are many nerve endings in the hand.


I encourage people to become aware of where are sitting, what music/radio/TV you are exposing yourself to, what clothes and footwear you are wearing. 

Spending these few moments daily will help to ground and align you. It will help you to develop the capacity to move out of ruminating mind and into the present moment.

How are you in your body in this moment?

By Gina Reynolds


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