Looking after ourselves

Looking after ourselves

We should all take a time out to look after ourselves. This is not an indulgence but a successful way of living longer and with greater health.

This is particularly needed if we are going through a period of extra stress or a significant life change or event. The importance of extra care at vulnerable times cannot be overstated. It ensures that we get through the bad patch and become resilient again. 

We all have difficult  times in our lives, such as the death of a loved one; loss of job; divorce; children leaving home; childbirth; moving house; looking after elderly relatives; severe sickness of self or family member. During these times try to get in touch with your limits (what you are able for and no more!) and ask for help. Accept help.

We are not meant to be martyrs! We are ordinary humans and as such can use the help of others. Seek that help within community, family, friends or work colleagues. People will do things if asked. It also might be a time to take some time for ourselves alone.  

Tips for practicing looking after ourselves


  • This can be a time for doing something for ourselves. Learning the skill of Mindfulness and how to integrate it into everyday life is a wonderful investment in yourself. You can do so by signing up for a mindfulness course such as the one Anú are running on Saturday November 4th in Temple Lodge & Spa.


  • Gina and I (Margaret) are both firm believers in having and using the bad day rescue box which is our personalised rescue remedy treasure trove. The box contains little stress management aids and self care nurturing supports. This should be kept safely at home (or maybe bring a few bits in a nice bag with you) for the times you need a pick me up. 


  • Asking for and getting help: practice this skill by making specific requests for help. Do this when you are well and not under too much pressure. Then, when you are  genuinely stressed/overwhelmed, you know how to seek and get help. It may be helpful to make and keep a list of people who you know would be supportive to you when in need in your bad day rescue box.


  • Practice taking time out for rest and relaxation. This builds resilience and good habits for maintaining personal wellness and resilience for challenging times.


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