Change in life

Change in life is the certainty. Life is all about continuous change, and resisting

Comunity and Support Organisations

“You yourself as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your own love and affection” Buddha

the inevitability of change causes distress and unhappiness. As humans we need

to change and grow as our lives evolve and move on, and that can be very

upsetting, making us feel vulnerable. The beginning of our adaptive change is the

realisation that life can be different, better, happier, more fulfilling. But to make that happen, we need to

recognise the need to change.


For making change easier in your life it can be very helpful to do a course as a

support to yourself.


ANÚ’s course:  The 7 Key Elements to Living a Balanced Healthy Life, could

be the first step for  you in the journey of a new chapter in life, an opportunity

to look at and examine what it is you want to change in your life and step

forward in creating new habits, new tools of coping so that you have a life worth



In the meantime here  are some easy  Tips for Practice to  support you

on making changes in  your life to support your health/wellness.



Say this affirmation every morning to prepare for new things each day:

My life changes with each passing day. I welcome these changes and the lessons they

bring. (Veronica Ray, 1989,  Living our Lives)

Four Question Guide

Use this simple four question guide to help you decide if you need to make a change:

  1.  What do you want?
  2.  When do you want it?
  3.  What will you see, feel and hear when you have it?
  4.  What is your first step?

The answers to these questions will help you to fully understand what you want and guide your path to getting it.


Use the power of three

Do an inventory/checklist of three things you feel you need to change in your life and

prioritise actions for those three things over next three months.


Don’t do all at once; pace and plan. You can start again with a new checklist and actions for the following three

months and so on. Check in on your list on a monthly basis, and assess where

you are at. Check are you making progress. Its great if you are and celebrate

that by treating yourself.  Are you experiencing challenges and obstacles and

setbacks? This is normal with change, particularly if others close to you do not

agree with or appreciate why you are changing things in your life.


As a support for yourself, look for allies in friends and family and get help/moral support. Be

kind to yourself and look after your own needs as best you can


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