Relationship Investment

Relationship Investment

Invest like a bank, where you put in deposits, in the good times so you have it to draw on in more challenging times in current supportive relationships and developing new ones.

Don’t take those you live with for granted. Look at how much time you spend just connecting and talking to your family, your partner. Spend time, be interested, listen to the other person without interrupting with total attention, good eye contact, open body posture, show understanding reflect back, no sneering judging no attacks or threats.

Use humour and a light attitude.

Validate with words and actions understand where the other is coming from.

Use role play how to listen how not to listen validate ect…

Show real value, appreciation of what their company means to you.

Develop new relationships, when you have time, such as by joining a group, look at what is under your nose, people who are familiar those who share similar interests and attitudes.

Learn to small talk; express an interest in others; respond with a little more information than asked but keep self-disclosure close to that of the other person; increase your experiences and interests so you have ore to talk about.

Be genuine and warm express liking when appropriate and not for favours.

When you hit rocky time sin life you will be able to get support back form these relationships with no strings attached.

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