Stress Management

 Stress Management – Slí an tSuaimhnis

Course overview:

Recognise Stress:

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“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” -William Blake

  • Stress is our personal emotional and physical response to pressure.
  • That pressure can arise from external factors including life events, illness, living conditions, busy demanding work, pressured home and family, study, lack of some necessity, financial pressure, or the demands we place on ourselves.
  • Even those events which we see as enjoyable can be stressful, such as holidays, moving home, starting a better job, pregnancy, parenthood, Christmas etc.
  • You can learn how to recognise stress and how it affects your physical, psychological and emotional health.
  • You can learn ways of managing stress so that your life is happy and fulfilled.


  • Recognise stress and how it affects you in terms of your mind (thoughts), mood (emotions),behaviour and physical sensations(body).
  • Learn what are your stress triggers and how much you can cope with , that is knowing your own stress threshold, so that you overcome the Vicious Cycle of Stress.
  • Recognise if you are currently using unhealthy ways of managing stress such as smoking, eating, alcohol use, zoning out, withdrawing, using pills or drugs, procrastinating, worrying. Help guide overview
  • Learn how to use positive coping strategies that help us to deal with pressure and stress so that we do not become overwhelmed, become unwell, and unable to cope with life’s events
  • You will learn a number of simple easy to sue techniques to manage stress such as:
  • Doing something different (to what you normally do) and build that into your coping mechanisms.
  • Create a healthy balance by making time for yourself each day – relaxation, fun, enjoyment.  Tips on how to Unstress Yourself
  • Learn some Mindfulness that helps you to focus your attention fully on another activity – Mindful activity.

Outcomes and Benefits to you:

  • Knowing how to recognise Stress and how it affects you.
  • Improvement in your coping strategies, such as using relaxation, deep mindfulness, breathing ,mindfulness, healthy habits.
  • This day will help you to restore balance and harmony to your life and build your resilience for times of stress.
  • Having an accurate picture of your current stress levels ensures you are more in control and can do something positive to alleviate and minimise the stress you feel.

Course duration: One Day Course 10am to 5pm

Cost of course:     €75

Dates & Venue:    To be confirmed


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