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Simple Easy to Use Stress Management Tools

Simple Easy to Use Stress Management Tools Immediate remedies Helicopter view- Count to 10, think, and answer Don’t take it personally Awareness- the whole picture and where you are in it Focus on the person/task in hand Be organised – even in chaos! Attend to the most essential – you cant do everything Diary – […]

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Relationship Investment

Relationship Investment Invest like a bank, where you put in deposits, in the good times so you have it to draw on in more challenging times in current supportive relationships and developing new ones. Don’t take those you live with for granted. Look at how much time you spend just connecting and talking to your […]

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Play and Connections in Life

Play Play brings joy. And it’s vital for problem solving, creativity and relationships. Children play all the time.. and this is their way of expressing themselves, making friends, interpreting the world. By and large children are very happy people,  they are in the moment. They are Mindful  human beings, something we strive to relearn as […]

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Change in life

Change in life is the certainty. Life is all about continuous change, and resisting the inevitability of change causes distress and unhappiness. As humans we need to change and grow as our lives evolve and move on, and that can be very upsetting, making us feel vulnerable. The beginning of our adaptive change is the […]

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