Gina Reynolds

Mindfulness Facilitator

Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult mental health (CNS),  BSc. Health Sciences, Dip. Counselling, Mindfulness Facilitator, DBT Therapist, Dip. Health Promotion, Dip. Social Science, Dip. Supported Employment, Cert. Phlebotomy

I am delighted to be involved with Anú Community Healthcare Ireland. I believe we can help  people to take greater control of their lives and health through knowledge, support, advice and choice.  Gina Reynolds - Mindfulness Facilitator

I believe our lives can be filled with vitality, fun, hope and purpose. I appreciate the equal importance of our mental, emotional, physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects in achieving this.

I currently work as a clinical nurse specialist, also as a DBT therapist  (a specific type of cognitive-behaviour therapy) and Mindfulness Facilitator.


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